Temp-ting Duos 5

Temp-ting Duos 5

Hello there! How are things? I hope they are wonderful. It is officially Summer here I think. What happened to Spring? We went from 30’s to 90’s it seems like. That’s okay, I’m enjoying the warm weather. It’s not very nice to my plants though. They are starving for water! Luckily with the Summer weather comes the Summer storms and they bring the rain. What’s it doing at your house?

Don’t forget to head over to my Facebook Fan page and do my monthly challenge. You could win the template set of your choice (rules apply). We have fun over there, so join us at Temp-ting Tidbits by Dagilicious!

I have a couple of new templates following a great series you know. They’re called Temp-ting Duos 5. These have some great room for journaling and are really sharp. I know you’ll love to use these for any of your scrapbooking needs. Enjoy them at 30% off thru June 11th at GingerScraps and DSS.

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