So Much On Sale!

So Much On Sale!

Hi everyone! How are things in your little corner of the world? If they’re anything like mine they’re pretty confining right now. How are you feeling?  The weather is getting so pretty and I’m ready to start planting flowers. Thankfully we can be in our yards making them beautiful. Find the good in what’s happening around you today. You’ll be happy that you did!

Have I got sales for you!  at GingerScraps, we’re having our No Joke Sale, April 1st and 2nd. EVERYTHING IN MY STORE WILL BE 65% OFF!!! It’s only going to last two days, so don’t wait. Come and get amazing deals!

The April Buffet is here! Are you ready for Easter egg hunts? Have I got the templates for you! A set of four templates that are packed full of space to do all of those fun Easter photos. You’re going to love them. They will be 50% off from April 1st thru the April 5th.

Let’s talk DSS. I have got a gorgeous new template coming out called Bloom Revival. It has beautiful flowers and tons of room for your photos. You’re going to love working with this template. They’re 30% off thru April 12th. Pick them up now!

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