Going on an Adventure and Bake Sale!

Going on an Adventure and Bake Sale!

Hi everyone! How are you? How is your little corner of the world? Mine has been rainy lately. It’s making everything nice and green, so I guess I don’t have many complaints. People are slowly starting to emerge from their homes, so things are getting busier in town. How about where you live?

I have two beautiful set of templates for you today. Do you have photos from past adventures that you would love to scrapbook? These templates would be wonderful for those. Of course, you can use these for anything you would like. Use them for big, beautiful photos. Have fun with them! They are on sale for 30% off now through May 28th.

The Bake Sale is on over at GingerScraps! Head over there to get three great template sets for only $1 each from now until May 20th! They are Second Chances 3, Summer Breeze, and Splendid Blended Vol. 3. Enjoy!

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